Fiercely determined and energetic,three boys with impeccable singing talent pushed themselves together to form a group in 1995 AD. The initial members of band are Gyanendra, Sanjay and Chandra and eventually, three additional members, Upendra, Shailendra and Sujil completed the band. It all began in the early 90's when the band performed for a small town club (Yuva Sankriti Munch). Back then in mid-'90s, the group used to perform gigs in and out of town. Then, the group decided to contribute their music in Nepali music industry. As soon as the group of passionate teenagers, formed in Hetauda introduced themselves as "The Seasons", they won widespread praise and rose to prominence in a short period of time.

After the debut album “Khyal Khyalaima” which was released in the year 2000, the band appeared later in the year 2001 with their second album “Seasons” followed by the third album “7*3=21” released in the year 2004. The journey took a rising turn with the hit releases of Sapana Matra, Asafal Jindagi, Asar Sawan, Rato Mato, Suneko Kura. The band became a popular name among the youths of Nepal.



The band found their muse in nature and chose their band name as “The Seasons”. The way nature presents itself as the blend of different seasons, the band is also credited for their unique use of blending different genres of music.


They say a comeback is always stronger than a setback. After more than a decade of hibernation, the band decided to resume their musical journey. A change is as good as a rest. This time, the band accepted spiritualism as their source of inspiration. The motive in the following days would be to sing the glories of the Supreme Lord and write songs to touch the lives of people. In their early records, the Seasons Band has typically been classified under the genres of folks, pop, and rock. The band now widens their style to include the combination of all kinds of music styles in their songs. After announcing their embark on continuing their musical journey, the band proceeded to work under the management of Stereo Records and believes to compose music of both traditional and modern forms that would touch the people’s heartstrings and inspire lives.


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